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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Rifa Rafika's request

my bestie, Rifa Rafika Imania aka Fika asked me to make this note. the moment when we were at 8 grade. okay, here i go.

at 8 grade, me wif fika took an english course. i forgot in what level it was happened. we got our midtest, and as always, we didn't study the night before. the test was about comparative. we had to done the test like comparing something. tall, taller, and the tallest, naah something like that. 

lalalalala. we had done. and in our way go home, i asked fika, what was your answer in "good", the comparative i meant. and she said, good, gooder, and the goodest. i was dumbfounded. her answer was soo surprising. i said to her, our teacher would be so surprise wif her answer. and then she asked me why. and she didn't know that the comparative for good is, good, better, and the best. knowing that, she laughed all the way home. but don't worry, her midtest was good, anyway :D 

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