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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

postingan di selasela nyari jurnal

yeaaaahhhh. me back. yeah, hit me if you wanna hahha.

i just re-read my this shitty blog, and i think, (yeah, i can think, still :p) this week, umm lately i mean, me so ababil. im feeling that. im pretty jerk, ugly, dumb, what else? im foolish, you know?! i cant manage myself, my feeling for this. i just easily told everything i wanna told, everything i wanna wrote, typed.

i dont like myself like this, but in another side, im relieved, i could share everything i wanna. feeling so free without anybody will be angry at me. but yeah, in another side i dont like myself. hmm idk. thats why i feel im ababil.

im speechless, wordless.
still wanna share everything in my mind, but nothing come out of this hand, no mouth.

im trying to type in english, but i realized there are so many mistakes here. so sorry, me still so crapped :D

catch you later, husnaaaww :)

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