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Thursday, 21 October 2010

this 9 years

it started when i was at elementary school
you were suck
i hated you
so much

i couldn't forget you till junior high school
i couldn't boy!

i had some boys, just friends
they were sooo different wif you
no one like you
no one

i entered my senior high school
i was busy wif everything about it
i had no time to think about you
i was a bit forgotten you
i did

but, i don't know why
lately, i remembered about you

i hate the way i remembering you

last monday, it was your day

i hate remembering everything about you
though just little thing
i hate it

today, i met you
wif your girl
i, i, i,
aaaa speechless

but, by every words here
i feel a lil better
thanks for this 9 years :)
i got a learning from it 

cheers, husnaw :):)

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