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Thursday, 5 May 2011

postingan di kala gabisa tidurzzz

Aaa I can't sleeeeep :(
I just read a diary, it doesn't look like a diary at all, but I think its a diary. Where someone write his story and we can read it. I found his written in kaskus. Just search "I like the way you hurt me" I can't link it out, because, I'm writing this by blekberi and its hard to blogging by this stuff. And you know what, the author of that diary, he passed away on last january. Yeah, its just too fast. Oh gosh bless him, he changed so many ppl by his written and made me cry (for sure!) Okaaaay, getting tired by its keypad huhuhu, bobo duyu yee. Good night everybodyyy! Ehh mowning! Ah whatever! Kisskiss


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