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Monday, 9 January 2012

Dian Nur'aini Safitri

hello, pals! :D

yes, the title is the name one of my friend, Dian Nur'aini Safitri :)
meet her in the university, from the same hometown hahaha, well we're still in Yogyakarta, havent move yet :p

why? why i put her name above?
let me explain a lil bit about her. 
1. she is nice, so nice (no, its a sozzizzzzzz :D)
2. she is beautiful (olalala, you will get prizes, husnak, since you said dian is beautiful :D)
3. she is easy to forget (its serious, no kidding, so, somebody please tell her something twice, or she will forget what you were saying :p)
4. and the most important is, she always went to college, no matter the situation is. she is never absent, except if we went out together. yeah she is a diligent gal. absolutely!

and i wanna highlight this, she always came in every lecture. how i appreciate her, she always signing our name even when we weren't in. not many people are like her. dia gapernah marah buat dimintain TA, oh Gosh, lucky me having her with me, big thank. she said, the more she came, the more she learned. well, i'm willing to add my coming class. dan ya, buat aku sekali dua kali nitip absen still okay, tapi kalo udah berkali- kali, please, pikirin lagi apa tujuan dan niat awalmu kuliah. rada ga adil ya, kalo kaya dian gini, dia berangkat terus, ga berangkatnya dia ga lebih dari 5 kali, pasti itu, tapi disamain ama anak yang tiap hari titip absen yang sebenernya dia ga kuliah karena main or something, sama- sama boleh ikut ujian, its not fair. walopun sepinter apapun dia, tapi dia gada kesadaran buat kuliah, ya buat apa? niat jadi dokter masih? i dont think so.

well, i made out this post, special for her, Dian Nur'aini Safitri. i think, "thank you" isnt enough for those she done for us. much much much thanksss :):)


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