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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

the sms

just now, i got a message from one of my organization's friend. he just said like this,

" kalimat syukur lah yang paling pantas kuucapkan karena mengenalmu. tak pernahkah kita saling mengingatkan melihat pertemanan kita semakin renggang. untuk itu aku ingin menyapa kalian, dengan harapan kalian masih baik- baik saja dan masih mau berkumpul lagi di PD IPM "
well, i am fine anyway. but i still have something to done in this short time. i will be back, shortly, i promise. 
its been so busy time recently, and i decided to be off for a while from that organization. i always try to get a little time to went out, even just for visit the office, but trust me it was hard, since knowing where my house is and the office is. so, nothing to worry about, me still in your hand, with a warm blanket, so i cudnt go far away from you. 

i have to thank God, found many friends in that organization that always remind others, tell how to make a good act, etc. lucky i am having them :)


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