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Friday, 23 March 2012

blogger murtad

helloooowh! *dadah dadah*

im a blogger murtad. hahaha. just so long time i didnt sign in this account :( how are the blogs lately? how are youuuuu? :D i know you are just fine there *wink*

well, life was so uncontrolled lately. me couldnt even control my life. sucks. how i couldnt manage my emotion, couldnt express something as it shud going to be. i cursed myself.

this week, how i feel all alone. even in my birthday. it wasnt like i expected before, but that was okay, i let everything happened in what they would happen. yes, i shudnt expect much, i have to learn more about it , later :)

university's life. totally fck. flooded by reports, and they had almost the same deadline. died. buried. i was enjoying some of those fckn reports and paper, but when i got myself too tired, i just wanted to bury them in the deepest of this earth. hahaha. excessive. but after got finished on them, i felt, HUFT hahaha, FINALLY! then, after those fckn reports, means facing reality again, exams, of course. this, another big problem in university's life for students like me -_- why? i just didnt feel the euphoria of this block. just enjoying the skill lab and komuda. tutorial? mmm, i dont wanna talk about this. lectures? passed. i'll tell you about komuda later on yeee :D

the happiness thing is, today is the last day of exams! now they just oveeeerr! and i get this so rare, i get a week off. how i love day off. bye university, bye friends, bye paper reports lalala. lovess.

dont ask me about friends. you know, there's END in friEND. i dont know, me just dont wanna talk about friends, i prefer talk about another thing i hate, except friend hehe :)


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  1. wkwkw.... judulnya menarik tentang murtad.. eeeh.. isinya curhatan. :D


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