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Wednesday, 10 August 2011


hello hello helloooo! in this post i will share about my experience in International Dental Summer School that managed by Dental Students of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta. there are some pictures captured from my camera, i randomly chose them.

actually, IDSS divided into 2 main programs, educational and non educational/ social program. educational consists of university activities, such as class, tutorial, skill lab, and soon soon. and then, clinical visiting to posyandu, puskesmas, and UKGS. and for non edu consists of city tours, intercultural activity, parties and soon soon. here, i will tell story behind each photos. xx

before introduction the program.
its our first day. we were still wait for the participants. we welcome the participants :)

touchdown village for village day
we were in head of the village's house. participants still sleepy, because  it was in the morning, i mean it.

front desk for welcoming party IDSS and  ITMSS

some Indonesian snacks for Welcoming Party.
 its truly Indonesia. in welcoming party all committee have to dressed by Indonesian traditional clothes. and the participants in red and white, in our national flag xx

bathing cattle in the village day.
 it was truly village day, because they do everything like villagers do. 

me wif my twin for the International Night.
this captured before games, we would  give the shirt out to the participants.

one of the games in the International Night.
hahha, they just to funny. enjoyed this international night for sure

we were in Sultan Palace, our city kingdom :)

Polish foods.
in the international night, the participants had to cook their foods. since i was LO, and my participants are from Poland, so, i had to accompany them to supermarket bought the things and then, cookingggg! and its one of five menus from them! ah ya, we got The Best Country at that night. hurray!

this is Zuzanna explain how to brush your teeth in the right way.

extension for the children.
and this is Noemi, she also explain how to brush the teeth. if you see, there was some papers in the table, that was the  explanation in Bahasa, they were trying that hard to read in our Bahasa. lovely!

you'll envy with our togetherness :p
hahha, captured in the Borobudur Temple. it was me and my bestbestbestfriendsss xoxo


closing the program :(
it was the end of our program. captured on Kukup beach. after we do barbeque.  i will miss our togetherness almost a month, guys :(

me wif my Polish new friends.
actually, the 3 Polish girl were my participants, i meant, i was their LO, and i would have a picture altogether.

we'll miss this kinda moment.
i think you know "Indonesian ppl habit" hahaha

me wif Anna.
it was my last photo wif Anna.
thats all. well done! unfortunately, i couldn't attend the farewell party. i was sick and hospitalized. and i couldn't see that Anna, one of my participants, was the Queen of the party! aaaa congrats Anna! and i will miss all those moments we shared together, oh no, i've already miss them :(

see ya in IDSS 2012!


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